What Is Lucky Jet Game – Full Review

In this review, we will talk in detail about a new type of entertainment – Lucky Jet. Now the game is at the peak of popularity and many players from Brazil want to try it out. We explained everything about the game, from the interface to comparing it with other analogues. That’s why if the reader is new to crash games, it is advisable to read this article.

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What Exactly Is the Lucky Jet Game?

The Lucky Jet game was developed as an exclusive for the casino 1win. It works the same way as most other crash games. At the beginning of the game, the person with the jet takes off and at the end of the game flies away. The maximum bet in the game is R$700. Check out the basic information about the game below:

Launch date2021
Game ProviderGaming Corps
CurrencyR$, $, Euro 
Minimal bet$0.10
Break between rounds5 seconds
Technical SupportRound the clock for all customers

What Is the Point of the Lucky Jet Game?

The essence of the game Lucky Jet is that the player must have time to withdraw the winnings before the man with the jet flew away because at this point the round ends. Money can be withdrawn at any moment. The round can also end at any moment. If the player made a bet and did not have time to withdraw the money before the man with the jets flew away, the bet is considered to be lost.

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Lucky Jet Game Interface

The Lucky Jet game interface is designed so that even a newcomer can understand everything. Below you can see all the elements of the game:

  • In the middle of the screen is the field of play itself. That’s where the man with the jet flies and the odds go up. Below are the betting buttons and unique features;
  • Under the “All” tab the player can find the bets that the players have placed for that round. This can be useful because you can pay attention to experienced gamblers;
  • The “My” tab is where players can view information about past bets and their results. By analysing this information, it is possible to decide which strategy is best to use;
  • The tab “Top” contains the highest winnings of the players. Here it is possible to see to what maximum values the odds have risen over a certain period of time;
  • On the right, there is the chat room. This is where the players can chat with each other. Find your friends and figure out how to win together.

How to Play Lucky Jet?

In fact, anyone can start playing Lucky Jet. A more detailed guide to the game can be found at ‘link’. In short, you can start playing Lucky Jet by following the instructions below:

Step 1
Complete a simple registration to play Lucky Jet on 1Win.

Register an account at 1win

Go to the official 1win casino website using the link from this review. Now click on the registration button and fill out the short form. Complete the creation of your profile by using the appropriate item on the top menu.

Step 2
Make a deposit to play Lucky Jet on 1Win.

Make a deposit

Use the deposit button on the top bar. In the new window select a payment system. Now enter the deposit amount and fill in the details.

Step 3
Go to the casino section to play Lucky Jet on 1Win.

Open the Lucky Jet game

Go to the casino section and select the lucky jet game there.

Step 4
Play Lucky Jet on 1Win.

Start the game

Place your bets and try different strategies in order to win as much money as possible.

Is It Possible to Hack Lucky Jet Game?

At the moment Lucky Jet is too well protected to be hacked. The 1win website is protected by modern SSL encryption, making it well-protected from hackers. In addition, the game is based on a PROVABLY FAIR random number generator. It produces the odds on the screen and does so without the involvement of 1win. This means that even if the casino is hacked, nothing will happen to the game. This is why anyone who offers game hacks is a scammer.

Lucky Jet on 1Win is safe for players.

Is It Easy to Win Lucky Jet Game?

The game’s RTP is now 97%. This means that at the distance, on average, 97% of the money a player spends should come back. It will not be possible to win consistently, there will be winnings as well as losses. It should be kept in mind that any casino always stays in the black. It is possible to win, but you need to be lucky. In any case, the game is unique and compared to other traditional games, it is a breath of fresh air for the gambling market.

Find out how to win at Lucky Jet.

Lucky Jet vs Aviator

Overall, Lucky Jet and the Aviator game are very similar, but there are differences. Lucky Jet has a higher maximum bet of R$200 than Aviator, making it a more attractive option for players with a larger pot. In addition, the interfaces of these 2 entertainment options are also different. Lucky Jet has a more modern interface, while Aviator is slightly outdated. In other aspects, these games are identical.

Compare for yourself Aviator and Lucky Jet on 1Win.

Lucky Jet Game Analogues

In fact, Lucky Jet has a whole host of equivalents. This kind of entertainment is usually referred to as crash games. Below are variants similar to Lucky Jet:

  • JetX;
  • Space XY;
  • Spaceman;
  • Coin Pilot;
  • RocketX;
  • Rocketman;
  • Crash X;
  • Maverick.

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