How to Play Lucky Jet Game – Full Guide

Now huge attention to a new crash game – Lucky Jet. In this review, you can find the most important information about this type of entertainment. We told how the process of the game takes place, as well as shared additional information about various strategies. After reading this article, everyone will be able to start playing Lucky Jet without any problems.

Learn how to play Lucky Jet at 1win.

How to Start Playing Lucky Jet?

In order to start playing there is nothing difficult. The player just needs to use the instruction, which is located below.

Step 1
Complete a simple registration to play Lucky Jet on 1Win.

Register at 1win

Go to the official 1win website using the link from this review. Then use the registration button on the top bar. Now fill out the small form with valid information about yourself and click on the button at the end of it.

Step 2
Make a deposit to play Lucky Jet on 1Win.

Make a Deposit

Click on the deposit item located on the top panel. From the suggested list, select one of the payment methods. Now enter the payment amount. Fill in the details and confirm the deposit.

Step 3
Play Lucky Jet on 1Win.

Go to Lucky Jet

That’s it, you can play. To do this, go to the casino section and in the list of games find Lucky Jet. Click on the game and start playing.

Lucky Jet: Full Game Process and Rules

On the main screen we see our hero on a jet, every round he starts and flies, while the odds are growing, at a random moment Lucky Jet flies away: all who made a cash out to that moment in the win, who did not – lost their bets.

Next, move on to betting: relative to your budget you have to specify the bet amount and press BET. It is important to bet before the start of the round. If you made a bet during the flying jets, it will participate in the next round.

When you have made a bet and the round has started, you will see steadily increasing odds and a growing amount of your winnings, based on your intuition you need to cash out before the laky jet flies away. That way you will take back your bet, multiplied by the odds at the time of the cash-out. If the Jet flies away before you hit the withdrawal button, you lose your bet.

For betting there are two buttons – this is made in case you want to make two bets in one raid, for example, a simple one and withdraw by 1.5, and the second risky one and withdraw by x2 or x5.

Get to know the rules of Lucky Jet at 1win.

Lucky Jet Game Additional Options 

In the game Lucky Jet players can find unique features such as auto betting or auto withdrawal. If you turn on the auto bet feature, the game will bet a fixed amount each round without your participation. With auto withdrawal, the gambler can choose the odds value at which the money will automatically be withdrawn. This is very convenient because, with 2 of these options, the player can completely automate the course of the game if he needs to go somewhere.

Learn about Lucky Jet's additional options at 1win.

Lucky Jet Tabs

When playing Lucky Jet gambler can notice three separate tabs. We spoke about them in more detail below:

  • Tab All. This shows the bets made by the players in this round. The tab is useful because you can follow the bets of productive players;
  • My Tab. All of the player’s previous bets are displayed here. In this way, you can analyze your style of play to change it in case of inefficiency;
  • Tab Top. This is where the players who were able to win the most money are located. You can see the big winnings for the month. This tab is useful for those looking for big wins.

Lucky Jet Winnings Tricks

Now players have come up with a large number of different tricks to play Lucky Jet. Gamblers believe that they help to increase the chance of winning. The most popular tricks can be found below:

  • Low Odds Game. In this trick, the player needs to withdraw money each round at a value of odds of 1.1. In this way, the risks are minimal and you can double the pot in just 10 rounds;
  • 2 Bets Simultaneously. In this trick, the player can use 2 bets at once. With the first bet, there is no need to risk and the withdrawal should take place at odds of 1.4 or 1.5. With the second bet the player already risks getting larger winnings;
  • The Treasure Hunter. If big odds have not fallen out for a long time, the player starts betting. It is believed that in this case, it is possible to catch odds of 10 or more. The player will lose a lot, but in the end, there is a chance to win a lot. This trick is suitable for players with a large bank.

Lucky Jet Winnigs Strategies

In addition to tricks gamblers also managed to come up with strategies for playing in Lucky Jet. Below are those of them, with the help of which the players won good money:

  • Martingale strategy. In this strategy, the player needs to double his bet after each loss. Thus, sooner or later the player will win and recoup all losses;
  • The d’Alembert strategy. The essence of the strategy is that if a player loses, he should gradually increase the bet amount, and if he wins, he should decrease it;
  • Increase Strategy. With this strategy, the player should increase the bet amount by its original value at each loss. After winning, the gambling returns to the original value of the bet and so on in a circle.

How to Withdraw Winnings?

Sooner or later the player gets his winnings. In this case, he will want to make a withdrawal. There is nothing difficult in this and it is enough to follow the guide below:

  1. Use the withdrawal button on the main page.
  2. Now select the method of payment with which you made the deposit.
  3. Enter the amount for withdrawal.
  4. Fill in the details and confirm the transfer.

The fastest money comes when using e-wallets or cryptocurrencies.


Can a player delete his account?

Please contact technical support with this request. Describe the reason for deleting your profile and a 1win employee will grant your request.

Do I need to register a separate profile in 1win to play Lucky Jet?

No, you can and should use an account that was previously registered on the website. If you don’t have a profile yet, you can simply create one for yourself in the app.

Do the strategies guarantee winnings in the game Lucky Jet?

In fact, there is no guarantee that the player will win. The game is based on a random number generator, so winnings are random. Strategies can help diversify the gameplay and try something new.

What should I do if I have trouble playing Lucky Jet?

In this case, you should contact the technical support 1win. Describe your problem in detail in a letter and after a while, you will receive an answer with the necessary supporting instructions.


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