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How to Play Lucky Jet for Free?

The Lucky Jet demo version preserves all the game’s features, offering a true-to-life experience where you bet with virtual currency instead of real money. Despite using virtual funds, the thrill and excitement mirror that of the real game. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the start page of the official website of the online casino and find the game.
  2. Determine the bet amount using the virtual cash offered.
  3. Watch Lucky Joe take off and see how the multiplier increases as he flies.
  4. Click the “Cash Out” option to choose when you want to cash out. To maximize your virtual profits, do this before Lucky Joe disappears.
  5. Experiment with various tactics to enhance your game.
Play Lucky Jet for free with these steps.

Lucky Jet Demo Version Rules

Lucky Jet stands out among casino games, offering a unique experience where your decisions significantly influence the outcome. The rules of the Lucky Jet demo version mirror those of the full version, with the only distinction being the use of virtual currency instead of real money. To kick-start your gameplay, acquaint yourself with the basic rules of Lucky Jet 1Win outlined below:

  • To participate, you decide the size of your wager before the round begins and click the “Bet” button;
  • At the beginning of the round, you are shown a person soaring through the air on a jetpack;
  • As the guy continues to fly, you must monitor the multiplier growth, which can range between 1x and 200x depending on the random number generator option;
  • The player’s major responsibility is to follow the flight route and hit the “Cash Out” button on time to get their prizes, even the virtual ones;
  • When a player presses the “Cash Out” button, the multiplier will decide how much money they eventually win;
  • It is difficult to forecast when the person will take off because of the game’s random number generator. This might happen as early as the first round.
Learn Lucky Jet Demo rules before playing.

Difference Between 1win Lucky Jet Demo and Full Version

While both the 1Win Lucky Jet demo and the full version share the same gameplay and features, there are notable differences between them, primarily related to risk. The demo version offers a risk-free environment, allowing you to gain valuable experience and build confidence before transitioning to the full version where real money can be won. Here are the key differences between these two versions:

Lucky Jet Demo ModeLucky Jet Full Version
Allows to practice without winning real moneyAllows to win real money
Extremely thrilling gameplayExtremely thrilling gameplay
The amount of tries is unlimitedThe amount of tries determined by your balance
High-quality resolution of the gameHigh-quality resolution of the game
Perfect for beginnersPerfect for seasoned players
RTP is 97%RTP is 97%
Registration is not requiredRegistration is mandatory


If you’re in search of an entertaining and user-friendly casino game, Lucky Jet is an excellent choice. Whether you prefer playing for fun or aiming for real money prizes, the game caters to both preferences. For those new to the game or looking to enhance their strategies, starting with the demo version of Lucky Jet is recommended. It provides a risk-free environment to familiarize yourself with the gameplay and refine your tactics before venturing into real-money play. 

Lucky Jet offers fun and practice options.


For your convenience, we`ve prepared the most frequently asked questions about the Lucky Jet Demo game. Take a look at them as you might find the answer you`ve been looking for. For more detailed assistance, don`t hesitate to contact the 1Win support team.

What is a Lucky Jet Demo Version?

The Lucky Jet demo version is a risk-free alternative to the original Lucky Jet crash game, allowing players to practice and become comfortable with the game principles without incurring any financial risk. This allows users to practice their abilities and strategies before participating in the full version, where real money is at stake. 

Why Should I Try a Lucky Jet Demo?

One of the primary benefits of the Lucky Jet Demo game is that it provides a secure atmosphere in which players can learn how to gamble and pay out. Whether you are a beginner or an expert player, this mode enables you to become acquainted with the betting panels and controls before playing for real money. This guarantees that you are prepared and confident when you decide to play the real game.

How Many Coins are Given to Play in Lucky Jet Demo?

In the 1Win gaming club, virtual coins for betting are immediately credited to the balance, with a standard amount always established. Players are given 10,000 coins that may be used for betting. When a game ends, the coin balance is reset. 

Can I Create Several Accounts to Play Lucky Jet?

The platform expressly prohibits attempting to manipulate or abuse the game through the creation of numerous accounts. Such acts have instant repercussions, including account suspension and irrevocable block. Funds on the player’s balance will not be returned. Adhering to fair play standards is critical for providing a safe and trustworthy gaming environment for all users.

Is Lucky Jet Legal?

Yes, Lucky Jet is a fully legal game provided by the licensed casino and bookmaker 1Win. The platform holds an official license from Curacao, ensuring that all activities on the site comply with legal standards, offering users a safe and regulated gaming environment. 


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